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Culinary Consultation

Business Is dynamic, even more so is a culinary business that is comprised of different departments who must share the same space with the customers, while representing your place as "the face of the business".
In our mutual process we will share information about the business, closely checking a flow-chart that encompasses Pricing and food cost, Food & Beverage , communication between the departments, a balanced, readable and enticing menu, and above all – customer service

Yiftach Dahadi Consulting and accompanying restaurants and culinary business

Connection between departments

Together we will check the level of communication between the departments and employees at your place of business. Studying the different positions and departments and bridging over the problems, we will find solutions for a better, more efficient and happier work environment that will help things run smoothly at the business while putting a smile on everybody's face – employees and customers alike.

Customer service

We are all familiar with the phrase: the customer is always right. I would like to emphasize this point and claim that if the customer has noticed something wrong there must be a reason and it should be taken seriously and investigated. There are a thousand ways to solve misunderstandings between customer and business and we will go through different methods to help us solve such an unwanted event.

Flow chart

according to a couple of basic rules and values that, when combined properly, promote a safer, more comfortable work environment for the kitchen staff while preventing a "cross-infection" – an uncontrolled growth in pests and bacteria that is the nightmare of every kitchen and culinary business. Having practical experience in kitchen design and the common bureaucracy and formalities will help me aid you in devising a good workable flow chart, following and understanding the basic rules that are the foundation of every culinary success story

Food & beverage

We will break down the menu noticing the different suppliers that we use and what we order of each supplier, their terms of supply, days and hours and of course terms of payment. We will then proceed to find the right person to manage our inventory & acquisition giving that person all the tools needed for dealing with suppliers and handling stock arriving at our place of business.

Food cost

Together we will discuss and understand food-cost. Comparing our food-cost against our sales we will bring our culinary aspirations closer to reality and learn how we can make ends meet financially.

Pricing & Budgeting

Relative to food cost and menu, we make sure our pricing is correct and how to remain within our budget.


Having characterized your business we will go forth to examine what should be on our menu and how to simplify that menu while making it more attractive and complementary to our culinary business.

Marketing and branding

In today's world, marketing is key and as important as location. Together we will find out about our potential clienteles and the best ways of reaching them.

Yiftach Dahadi Consulting and accompanying restaurants and culinary business

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